Financial Inclusion



AJIB has equipped several of its branches/offices with banking services specially designed for clients with disabilities.

The bank provides Financial Inclusion banking services at the following branches/offices:

  • Main Branch
  • City Mall Office
  • Al Huson Street Office - Irbid
  • Bab Al Madina Branch - Zarqa
  • Aqaba Branch
  • Madaba Branch
  • Salt Branch
  • Queen Alia International Airport Branch
  • Al Karak Branch

Financial inclusion banking services

  • Designated parking spots for clients with special needs to ease their access into the branch/office.
  • ATMs with voice instructions designed specifically for visually impaired customers/literacy needs.
  • Sign language translation service through a tablet device linked with a company that specializes in providing services for people with hearing needs.
  • ReadSpeaker service which allows the content of AJIB’s website to be read out loud.
  • AJIB provides ‘Basira’ application service on Android and iOS devices, which is an application that reads the details of AJIB’s banking services/products through audio recordings, which supports clients with visual/literacy needs.

How to use Basira app

  1. The client or employee needs to download the Basira application from the Apple Store or Play Store on the mobile device.
  2. A voice recording on the application will guide the client or employee into choosing the preferred speaking language to start the scanning process.
  3. The client will be provided with a printed handbook from the office/branch that includes titles of different AJIB products to choose from in Braille language.
  4. Through the application, the client will scan the title of the banking product/service they wish to inquire about.
  5. The application will start playing the audio recording that elaborates on the chosen AJIB product that the client wishes to inquire about.