Financial Inclusion



AJIB has equipped several of its branches/offices with banking services specially designed for clients with disabilities.

The bank provides Financial Inclusion banking services at 7 branches/offices:

  • Main Branch
  • City Mall Office
  • Al Huson Street Office - Irbid
  • Bab Al Madina Branch - Zarqa
  • Aqaba Branch
  • Madaba Branch
  • Salt Branch
  • Queen Alia International Airport Branch

Financial inclusion banking services

  • Designated parking spots for clients with special needs to ease their access into the branch/office.
  • ATMs with voice instructions designed specifically for visually impaired customers/literacy needs.
  • Sign language translation service through a tablet device linked with a company that specializes in providing services for people with hearing needs.
  • ReadSpeaker service which allows the content of AJIB’s website to be read out loud.
  • AJIB provides ‘Basira’ application service on Android and iOS devices, which is an application that reads the details of AJIB’s banking services/products through audio recordings, which supports clients with visual/literacy needs.

How to use Basira app

  1. The client or employee needs to download the Basira application from the Apple Store or Play Store on the mobile device.
  2. A voice recording on the application will guide the client or employee into choosing the preferred speaking language to start the scanning process.
  3. The client will be provided with a printed handbook from the office/branch that includes titles of different AJIB products to choose from in Braille language.
  4. Through the application, the client will scan the title of the banking product/service they wish to inquire about.
  5. The application will start playing the audio recording that elaborates on the chosen AJIB product that the client wishes to inquire about.

Financial services included in the handbook

  • AJIB Accounts – Value
  • AJIB Accounts – Advantage
  • AJIB Accounts – Prestige
  • Wealth Management and Prestige Life Bancassurance
  • Personal Loans
  • Housing Loans
  • Debit Cards
  • Credit Cards
  • Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)
  • Treasury
  • Transfers
  • ATM Services
  • Contact Center
  • Dealing with Customers with Special Needs
  • Account Opening Terms and Conditions
  • Credit Cards Terms and Conditions
  • Instant Issuance Terms and Conditions
  • Online Banking Terms and Conditions