About AJIB


Our Profile

For more than four decades, Arab Jordan Investment Bank - AJIB has embarked on a journey of excellence and leadership, which has paved the way for the bank to become one of the leading investment and commercial institutions in Jordan. Committed to customer satisfaction, AJIB provides a range of innovative services and state-of-the-art products that meet the needs of all its clients, whether individuals, SMEs or corporations. AJIB continuously develops, updates and upgrades its human resources, providing the latest technologies, best practices and business mechanisms in response to the growing needs of its high net worth customers and individuals in Jordan and the region.

Today, AJIB plays a pivotal role in the region's banking investment scene due to its vast expertise in the field of investment banking, as well as the innovative products and solutions it provides. The Arab Jordan Investment Bank is committed to offering its clients a wide range of integrated banking and investment services, including mergers and acquisitions of assets and activities in the stock market – both primary and secondary markets, as well as investment services in trading and research that relate to shares and markets, granting loans, and financing projects. In addition, the Retail Services and Sales Department continues its efforts to provide numerous products and services for personal and residential loans, credit cards and other innovative services.

Arab Jordan Investment Bank welcomes its valued customers through its comprehensive network of branches located in all major locations in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. This is accompanied by an advanced network of over 1000 ATMs, which are part of the national network (JONET). As part of its expansion strategy, the bank inaugurated its branch in Limassol, Cyprus, in 1989. In 2006, the bank established the Arab Jordan Investment Bank (Qatar) L.L.C, which was the first bank in the Qatar Financial Center (QFC) to provide the advanced banking and investment services in Qatar and other GCC countries.

AJIB also provides clients with brokerage services for the Amman Stock Exchange, through its subsidiary, the United Arab Jordan Investment and Financial Brokerage Company. For more information, please visit www.uajib.com.

In addition, the Jordan International Bank (JIB) is an affiliate of Arab Jordan Investment Bank since 2010, which operates from its UK headquarters in London and offers a wide range of banking and investment services for companies and enterprises both in the United Kingdom and abroad. For more information, please visit www.jordanbank.co.uk.

Al Kawthar Leasing Company is a private shareholding company with a capital of 8 million Jordanian Dinars and it is wholly owned by Arab Jordan Investment Bank – AJIB. The company operates on financing all assets of production lines, trucks, buses, various types of machinery and devices, in addition to medical and laboratory equipment, cars, housing projects and housing units. It also offers Islamic finance leasing services that comply with Al Shara’a.

Our Philosophy

AJIB’s philosophy is embodied in the consistent pursuit of customer satisfaction, which has always been our first priority. Our commitment and targeted strategy have resulted in solid principles that have allowed AJIB to achieve strong financial performance and the ability to adopt balanced and efficient investment policies. Our aim is to ensure that we provide our clients customized investment and banking solutions based on market analysis studies, which are conducted by the bank on a regular basis.

We value our employees, who play an essential and valuable role in our institution. Stemming from that belief, AJIB strives to provide a positive and healthy work environment that allows employees to grow and develop, maximizing their potential in the bank. We believe in the power of knowledge, technology and skill, combined with wisdom, insight and the ability to plan for the future, and this philosophy lights the way for us to grow together at a constant and continuous pace.

Our status as one of the leading banks in Jordan and the region began with one main idea: “We strive to serve our customers within the highest professional standards, sustainability, maximum flexibility and friendliness." This ideology is embodied in our vision, mission and core values, and continues to lead us as we develop our services and offerings.


We strive to become a leading investment and commercial bank by utilizing cutting-edge and state-of-the-art development, delivering a unique and one-of-a-kind experience to our clients, and maximizing profits for our shareholders.


To be recognized as the leading bank in Jordan and the region; in products, and in the use of technology, by being client focused, innovative and having customer service excellence and highly skilled employees.

Our People

Our employees play a vital role in representing the bank and achieving its strategy. We strive to find exceptional talent and employees and provide them with opportunities that will help them develop and grow in their careers, offering them a promising future. Our team is the most important element of our success, offering our customers a diverse mix of expertise and qualifications.

Our culture of openness and transparency is encouraged through an open-door policy, which enriches our environment that is singular in its cooperation, effective communication, outstanding performance and mutual respect between senior management and employees. We believe that every effort is worth recognition and appreciation, which is why we have designed a range of incentive programs and benefits as well as activities and events that are aimed at enhancing employee loyalty and providing a friendly and supportive atmosphere that will help them develop, prosper and achieve their ambitions.

We take staff development very seriously and strive to constantly grow and develop the skills of our team members through support programs, skill training and building, as well as various training courses that cover a wide range of topics related to the banking sector, including regulations, laws and customer service.

Our Values

We rely on a number of core values ​​that exemplify our day-to-day operations and provide a general framework that dictates how we interact both with our customers and our employees.

  • Confidence – We encourage teamwork and leadership
  • Continuity – We create tangible goals and see them through
  • Transparency – We facilitate services through a clear and comprehensive strategy
  • Team spirit – Our structure embraces full engagement and sharing

Board of Directors

Mr. Hani Abdulkadir Al-Qadi

Chairman of the Board

Mr. Samer Abdulkadir Al-Qadi

Member / Vice Chairman

Mr. Ayman Elmahdi Khalil

Member / Representative of Libyan Foreign Bank

Mr. Fahad Abdullah Al-Huqbani

Member / Representative of the Arab Investment Company

His Excellency Mr. "Mohamad Sharif" Ali Al-Zu’bi

Member / Representative of Petra Company for Restaurants Establishment and Management

Mr. Hussein Hashem Al-Dabbas

Member / Representative of Rawnaq Al Thiqa Company for Commercial Investments

Mr. Wael Abdulkadir Al-Qadi


Mr. Eyhab Mohammed Al-Okar


Mr. Musa Hasan Shahin


Mr. Adel Ibrahim Assa’d


Mr. Zakaria Ahmad Ghawanmeh