Our Philosophy


AJIB’s philosophy is embodied in the consistent pursuit of customer satisfaction, which has always been our first priority. Our commitment and targeted strategy have resulted in solid principles that have allowed AJIB to achieve strong financial performance and the ability to adopt balanced and efficient investment policies. Our aim is to ensure that we provide our clients customized investment and banking solutions based on market analysis studies, which are conducted by the bank on a regular basis.

We value our employees, who play an essential and valuable role in our institution. Stemming from that belief, AJIB strives to provide a positive and healthy work environment that allows employees to grow and develop, maximizing their potential in the bank. We believe in the power of knowledge, technology and skill, combined with wisdom, insight and the ability to plan for the future, and this philosophy lights the way for us to grow together at a constant and continuous pace.

Our status as one of the leading banks in Jordan and the region began with one main idea: “We strive to serve our customers within the highest professional standards, sustainability, maximum flexibility and friendliness." This ideology is embodied in our vision, mission and core values, and continues to lead us as we develop our services and offerings.


We strive to become a leading investment and commercial bank by utilizing cutting-edge and state-of-the-art development, delivering a unique and one-of-a-kind experience to our clients, and maximizing profits for our shareholders.


To be recognized as the leading bank in Jordan and the region; in products, and in the use of technology, by being client focused, innovative and having customer service excellence and highly skilled employees.