Our People


Our employees play a vital role in representing the bank and achieving its strategy. We strive to find exceptional talent and employees and provide them with opportunities that will help them develop and grow in their careers, offering them a promising future. Our team is the most important element of our success, offering our customers a diverse mix of expertise and qualifications.

Our culture of openness and transparency is encouraged through an open-door policy, which enriches our environment that is singular in its cooperation, effective communication, outstanding performance and mutual respect between senior management and employees. We believe that every effort is worth recognition and appreciation, which is why we have designed a range of incentive programs and benefits as well as activities and events that are aimed at enhancing employee loyalty and providing a friendly and supportive atmosphere that will help them develop, prosper and achieve their ambitions.

We take staff development very seriously and strive to constantly grow and develop the skills of our team members through support programs, skill training and building, as well as various training courses that cover a wide range of topics related to the banking sector, including regulations, laws and customer service.