Corporate Digital Banking



AJIB offers an extensive range of products and services that can help you streamline your processes, optimize your funds and automate everyday tasks through our online secured platform, resulting in cost-effective management of your cash.

Do all your day-to-day banking through a one–stop shop which shall give you more time to achieve your desired business objectives.

Payment & Cash Management Solutions

In line with its strategy to provide a complete range of products and services that meet the highest global standards, AJIB works diligently to provide its corporate and individual customers with efficient and effective banking solutions. Through the bank’s highly-qualified team, strong operational support, sophisticated systems and diverse financial products, AJIB has the resources and capabilities to work with its clients to help them achieve their financial aspirations.

  • Online Banking Services: AJIB’s online banking portals allow clients to quickly and efficiently access their accounts and statements, pay their bills, as well as easily and securely transfer funds. Clients can conduct all their day-to-day banking activities through a one-stop portal that frees up their time for more urgent objectives.
  • Commercial & Transaction Payments: In an effort to improve payment efficiency, AJIB offers a range of services including standing instructions, same-day advising and more, allowing increased controls for priority, conditional or timed payments as well as real-time reporting and advising for enhanced transparency.
  • Trade Services: AJIB’s trade finance services are expressly designed to meet the trade needs of clients through a wealth of expertise and guidance, allowing them to deal effectively with domestic and international trade requirements through an extensive network of relationships with correspondent banks in numerous countries. In addition to import and export trade products that include letters of credit, letters of guarantee, documentary collections, bills discounting, financing of export and import ICS, commercial loans and financing commercial documents, AJIB also offers the best end-to-end structured trade solutions, tailormade to meet your business model.
  • Manager Cheques: AJIB’s corporate clients are now able to issue manager and certified cheques either directly through branches or through the bank’s online banking services.
  • eFAWATEERcom Services: In addition to AJIB’s Internet banking services, the bank has developed its online bill payment system in collaboration with eFAWATEERcom that now allow for the payment of invoices as well as online account inquiries.
  • Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) Payments: An RTGS payment is when the transfer of money takes place from one bank to another within Jordan on a real time and gross basis for payments over JOD 50,000.
  • Cash Deposit Machines - CDMs: In collaboration with Brinks Jordan, selected corporate customers can deposit cash into designated machines located at the customer’s offices, with the amounts credited into the customer’s account accordingly.
  • Treasury Services: AJIB provides its customers with an outlook on privileged solutions and strategies that involve minimal levels of risks while simultaneously enjoying competitive prices and effective operational settlement procedures. The bank’s interest rate hedging products help customers to lock-in future cash flow and have exposure to favorable interest rate movements.

Corporate Online Banking Benefits

  • Centralization of accounts through Account Management: Enhance efficiencies and control while gaining access to your account(s) at all times. You can choose to view your accounts only or to conduct transactions on the account(s). 
  • Statistical on-spot reports and statements: get updated E-statement for your accounts that could be filtered or sorted by duration, number of transactions, or number of days.
  • Timely and immediate processing of online transfers securely, accurately and efficiently with the most competitive commissions and charges through customized user types and an approval matrix formulated to cater to each client's specific needs. 
  • Efficiency of covering day to – day overhead expenses through eFAWATEERcom Bill payments: simplify your bills payments through eFAWATEERcom services.
  • Quicker salary bulk upload & processing though payroll services: payrolls can be paid in one click through uploading bulk salaries through AJIB Online
  • Fast & accurate trade international transactions: you can submit LCs requests through AJIB Online
  • Efficient Cheques services: you can request a cheque book, view your current cheques, cancel your cheque requests, or even to request a manager cheque. You can also get a post-dated cheque report.

Corporate Online Banking Main Features

  • AJIB Online Services are notable by their distinguished security features to protect all your information.
  • Two-factor authorization login mechanism for optimal secured log-in.
  • Only pre-authorized and official company signatories have access to the online banking system.
  • The company's authority matrix will be reflected on the system.
  • Payment transactions have daily and transaction limits, which are both perfectly aligned with the company's standard transacting average.