Our Treasury Department includes a team of specialists in different financial fields, including asset management, trading and financial market analysts. The bank's worldwide network of correspondents enhances the department’s ability to provide a wide range of high-quality products and services ranging from investment tools to specialized advisory services.

In order to provide comprehensive banking and investment solutions, the Treasury Department of the Arab Jordan Investment Bank focuses on providing diversified sources of funds and investments, creating financial plans that are highly capable of responding to market risks and economic developments, and carrying out integrated studies to measure risks and monitor interest rates.

We offer distinctive solutions and targeted strategies that involve the lowest levels of risk possible, while offering competitive prices and effective operating procedures. In addition to innovative services to hedge against changes in currency rates and interest rates, giving customers an insight into the developments in the financial markets, resulting in future cash flows or better interest rates.

The Treasury Department also offers a variety of investment tools that include the provision of solutions to hedge fund risks resulting from fluctuating exchange rates. These solutions include creating foreign exchange contracts, marginal trading, future contracts, foreign currency swaps and optional contracts.