Trade Loans



Often, buyers and sellers will need finance to allow completion of a deal and obtain more flexibility to run the business. AJIB will assist your company to select from a wide range of attractive Trade Loans and Finance Products depending on the size of your company, your financial strength, and your needs. We can help you to reduce collection cycles, increase access to liquidity and entertain better management of cash flow.

Import Loans

For importers who wish to control their cash flow in the market or are unable to pay for imports from their current accounts, AJIB offers a line of financial solutions by providing credit facilities to cover the intervening period between settling the value of shipped goods to when they receive sale proceeds under Letters of Credit or Bills for Collection.

Export Loans/ Pre- and Post-Shipment Loan

AJIB has designed three categories of loans to finance sales invoices under contracts or under Letters of Credits and Export Bills for Collection. These loans provide finance to exporters before the goods are shipped to purchase raw materials, process goods, arrange for packing, and defray other expenses. AJIB also provide post-shipment finance to entertain more flexibility in cash flow and widen your trading potential.

Local and Foreign Purchases Loans

This is an invoice financing; domestic or overseas, supported through proof of shipment or delivery of the order. This financing provides the business with immediate funds that are transferred to the beneficiary (supplier/ exporter) on the client’s behalf, allowing an increase in a company’s working capital.

Discounting Shipping Documents

AJIB can extend finance by purchasing an accepted Usance Bill of Exchange or Negotiating Complying Presentation of shipment documents under a confirmed or unconfirmed Letter of Credit. The purchase of an Avalised Outward Bill for Collection is just another option for AJIB customers to obtain financing solutions.

Other Tailor-Made Loans

AJIB can tailor a financial solution to specifically meet your business needs, in order to facilitate better cash flow and enhance your access to liquidity.