SWIFT GO Service



With SWIFT GO service, international transfers have become as simple as local transfers, as the service enables you to quickly transfer funds between participating banks in a maximum of 4 hours, with the ability to track the transfer and receive the full amount from the recipient.

SWIFT GO Service Steps

Steps to process international transfers via AJIB Mobile:

  • Login to your AJIB Mobile account
  • Select ‘Transfers’ from the bottom menu and then select ‘International’
  • Select the account you want to transfer from
  • Select the recipient you want to transfer to, or add a new one
  • Select the purpose of the transfer
  • Select the currency and write the amount you want to transfer
  • Choose who will bear the charges (you, shared, or recipient)
  • A summary screen will appear with all the data filled, please verify the data and fill in the OTP sent to your mobile number, then press confirm
  • A confirmation screen will appear stating that the operation was completed successfully


The transfer will be sent as SWIFT GO if it meets the below conditions:

  • The currency of the transfer must be in USD
  • The amount must be equal or less than USD 10,000.00
  • ‘You’ have to bear the charges
  • The recipient’s bank must be participant in SWIFT GO service (See list)