How to request a payment from any customer


  1. Login to your banking account through AJIB Online or AJIB Mobile
  2. Select ‘Transfers’ then select ‘CliQ’
  3. Press ‘Request’
  4. Choose the sub-account number that you want to receive your payment to
  5. Choose the transfer method, either: IBAN or Alias
  6. If ‘Alias’ is selected, the Payee Alias ​​Type will be automatically chosen
  7. Enter the nickname (Payee Alias ​​Name)
  8. Choose the name of the sender’s bank
  9. Enter the amount you want to request in Jordanian Dinars
  10. Select the Payment Purpose
  11. Press ‘Next’
  12. A text message will be sent to you with the verification code (OTP), which you need to enter in the verification code field
  13. Press ‘Submit’