Steps to Withdraw Cash


  1. Inform the Manaseer Gas Station employee of your desire to withdraw cash through the POS machine using your Debit Card, noting that the maximum amount that can be withdrawn is JOD 200 per transaction with a total amount of JOD 1,000 per day
  2. The employee must select “Cash” from the list displayed on the POS machine
  3. Enter the amount to be withdrawn in JOD
  4. The POS screen will show the commission amount that will be deducted if the withdrawal transaction is completed
  5. Once you agree to the transaction details, insert or tap your Debit Card in order to complete the transaction
  6. Enter your Debit Card PIN code
  7. Payment “Completed” or “Declined” screen will appear
  8. Receive the cash and a copy of the receipt containing all the transaction details