Financial Products/Credit Facilities



Used to finance daily cash flow requirements. Usually granted for a period of one year and can be renewed upon the Bank's approval and at a certain interest rate and commission.

Revolving Commercial Loans

Used to provide liquidity for the daily operations of clients. Revolving commercial loans include the financing of purchases and commercial invoices.

Term Loans

Term loans are intended to finance specific projects, with flexible repayment scheduled on monthly, quarterly, semiannually or annual basis.

Asset-Backed Facilities

With assets held at security against financing, AJIB offers the financing of specific projects to cater to the success of its clients.

Syndicated Loans

Providing financing for large projects either by tailoring and leading group loans whereby several Banks can take a part of or through participating in such group loans.

Corporate Credit Cards

Corporate credit cards are offered to facilitate the expenses of AJIB’s clients in an efficient and straightforward manner, especially useful while travelling.

Trade Finance Facilities / Transactional Banking

An entire suite of different products and services designed to meet the trade requirements of clients, such as managing imports and exports cycles - including manufacturing, shipping or purchasing through letters of credit and bills for collection. The bank also offers its clients an entire roster of bank guarantees.

Corporate Online Banking

AJIB’s Corporate Online Banking service offers an extensive range of solutions that can help you streamline your processes, optimise your funds and automate everyday tasks, through an online secured platform, resulting in a cost-effective management of your cash. The corporate online services include:

  1. Account management through providing enhanced controls while gaining access to your accounts at all times.
  2. e-statements
  3. Transfers
  4. eFAWATEERcom portal
  5. Payroll services
  6. Trade solutions
  7. Cheques services