ATM Services


General Description

Enjoy 24-hour ATM services where you can access your accounts and perform a variety of banking services through AJIB ATM network distributed across the Kingdom or through any ATM connected to PLUS and JONET worldwide.

How to Enroll

Visit any of AJIB branches and apply for a new debit card to enjoy a variety of banking services available 24 hours.

ATM Banking Services

  • Cash withdrawal
  • Foreign currency cash withdrawal
  • Instant Cash deposit
  • Cheque deposit
  • Credit cards settlement
  • Access to eFAWATEERcom platform to pay bills and more
  • Funds transfer between accounts
  • Mini Account statement
  • Balance inquiries
  • PIN management service allows you to unblock your PIN and change it on both your Debit and Credit Cards from AJIB ATMs

AJIB ATMs that provide Cash Deposits

  • AJIB Tower
  • Deir Ghbar- Jounieh Circle
  • Bayader- UNRWA
  • Dakhlieh Circle ATM
  • Shmeisani- ATM room
  • Dabouq Branch
  • Irbid Branch ATM
  • Madaba Branch
  • 7th Circle - Royal Jordanian Offices
  • 7th Circle- Cozmo
  • Safeway Shafa Badran
  • Salt Branch
  • Marj Al Hamam Branch
  • Bayader Wadi Al Seer Branch
  • Al Jubeiha Branch
  • Abdoun Branch
  • Zarka Aljadedah Branch
  • Al Huson Street Office
  • Tla'a Al Ali Branch
  • Jerash ATM

AJIB ATMs that provide Cheque Deposits

  • AJIB Tower
  • Deir Ghbar - Jounieh Circle
  • Bayader - UNRWA
  • Dakhlieh Circle ATM
  • Shmeisani - ATM room
  • Dabouq Branch
  • Irbid Branch ATM
  • Madaba Branch
  • 5th Circle
  • 7th Circle - Royal Jordanian
  • Salt Branch
  • Jerash ATM