Current Accounts

Current accounts can be opened in local and major currencies, and are designed to offer clients a multitude of financial transactions, including cheque books, deposits and withdrawals. 

Term Deposits Accounts

Term deposits offer our clients competitive interest rates on extra cash in hand, and are considered a secure and flexible method of generating income. Term deposit accounts can be opened in both local and major currencies.

Postdated Cheques

At AJIB, we offer our clients the ability to safely hold their checks that are payable at a future date.


Through a safe and secure methodology, we offer our clients the ability to transfer money both locally and internationally through our branches and online banking platform.

Cheque Books

To ease the daily financial operations of our clients, we offer the fast and efficient service of cheque books issuance.

Certified Cheques

AJIB issues certified cheques in Jordanian Dinars and foreign currencies through our worldwide comprehensive network of correspondents to facilitate international transactions for our clients.

Sweeping and Cash Pooling

AJIB offers control tools that enable clients to easily manage their liquidity ratios through holding cash into certain accounts and supporting working capital.