AJIB sponsors the Asian Football Development commission’s Initiative “Our Goal is The Future” in celebration of The World Refugee Day

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الثلاثاء, 17 أيلول (سبتمبر), 2013

Under the patronage of HRH Prince Ali bin Al-Hussein, FIFA Vice President of Asia and President of Jordan Football Federation, Arab Jordan Investment Bank – AJIB sponsored the Asian Football Development commission’s initiative, “Our goal is the future” which they organized for the children in celebration of The World Refugee Day. The festival took place at the Amman International Stadium, in partnership with Save the Children Organization, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and the Jordan Football Association. Such an important event comes to reflect AJIB’s awareness and commitment to its corporate social responsibility towards the community.

In his speech addressing the crowds, HRH Prince Ali, warmly said, “I would like to welcome you all today, personally and on behalf of the Jordanian sports family, Al-Nashama and Al-Nashmiyat, in the festival of “Our goal is the future” which comes in memory of The World Refugee Day.”

HRH also added, “I’m pleased to be with you today, especially with our dear children and families, in your country Jordan. Let us all be gathered here today as one, united family, to educate our communities around the world, and revive the memory of the World Refugee Day in our minds and hearts, as it is a reality that we all share and live. We, as Jordanians, stand by you, and will consume all efforts to plant hope in your hearts and ours for the future of our children. Our children are the stars of the future and the source of life.”

HRH Prince Ali joined hundreds of participating children in football skills and some of the many sports activities that took place at Amman International Stadium, after he announced the start of the festival with a football kick. HRH also took pictured with the participating children and their coaches in the field upon their request, leaving them with joy and a positive morale. The participants were very pleased with HRH prince Ali’s participation and personal overview of the festival’s activities.

Arab Jordan Investment Bank – AJIB’s sponsorship of “Our goal is the future” initiative came from the bank’s keen interest in supporting both children and youth, and their rights as humans. In addition, to the bank’s interest in promoting awareness regarding the issues of refugees, and merging refugee children with their peers from the Jordanian community.

Among the attendants were several representatives of other supporting institutions and companies, sports figures, and a unique presence of the parents of the participating children who have commended “Our goal is the future” initiative and its role in developing their children’s talents, thus supporting football in ways that will lead to its development.