AJIB Sponsors the Educational Conference III “Teachers are Change Makers” in Aqaba

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الاثنين, 16 أيلول (سبتمبر), 2013

Arab Jordan Investment Bank – AJIB, driven by its belief in the important role teachers, the change makers, play in the educational process. Along with its support to the vision of the Aqaba Governorate Directorate of Education, in presenting teachers as change makers, drawing on their experience and building their personal and knowledge capacities. In addition to the importance of sharing such experiences amongst their peers, Arab Jordan Investment Bank – AJIB sponsored part of the events of the Educational Conference III (Teachers, Change Makers) held in Aqaba. Such sponsorship embodies AJIB’s participation in educational activities and its support to the higher goals of the conference, namely enhancing the level of education in Aqaba and in the kingdom as a whole. This comes through the focus on teachers, the base of the educational process, who are the decision makers and main factor for creating positive change.

Such participation had a positive impact on all participants whether administrative, educational, student or community bodies from Aqaba. Furthermore, it is worth noting that all the Educational Directorates of the South had also participated in the conference; in addition to 300 teachers and individuals from the local community.

Towards the end of the conference, HE, the Secretary General of the Ministry of Education, Mr. Sattam Awad and HE, the Director of the Education Directorate of Aqaba, Mr. Jamil Al-Shuqeirat; presented the Conference Shield to Marketing, Quality Assurance and Communication Manager of AJIB, Mr. Mohammad Farid and to the Aqaba Branch Manager of AJIB, Mr. Qaisar Rashidi as a symbol of their appreciation to the Bank’s sponsorship of the conference events.

It is important to mention that Arab Jordan Investment Bank – AJIB has a branch in Aqaba in Al-Kornaish St. by the Citadel; in addition to an office located in Tala Bay Resort. The availability of both the branch and office in Aqaba comes to ensure the bank presents its full support to its clients and local community of Aqaba.