Our seasoned team of treasury specialists together with an extended network of Bank correspondents co-lead the drive to provide quality products and services ranging from investment tools to specialized advisory services. Taking into consideration the significance of providing diversified sources of funds and investments, adopting highly responsive funding schemes, and conducting comprehensive studies to measure risks and interest rate trends, AJIB's Treasury Department is willing to provide tailored solutions that answer all your questions.

We provide our customers with an outlook on privileged solutions and strategies that involve the minimal level of risks on one hand while enjoying competitive prices and effective operational settlement procedures on the other hand. Our interest rate hedging products help customers to lock-in future cash flows or have exposure to favorable interest rate movements.

Additionally, AJIB's Treasury Department offers a variety of investment tools which provide hedging solution against exchange rate fluctuation risks. Examples of such tools include spot and forward foreign exchange contracts, Futures, Margin trading, Bonds trading, Currency Swaps and Options.