ATM Locations and Services

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Enjoy AJIB's round the clock ATM services where you can access your accounts and perform various banking transactions from our large ATM network spread all over the kingdom. The ATM services provided by AJIB are carefully designed to serve our customer in the most convenient way and meet all their financial requirements. Use the nearest ATM to manage your accounts and much more, as well as AJIB is a member of JONET network.

  • Fast Cash
  • Cash withdrawals
  • Money transfer between your accounts
  • Mini statement
  • Balance inquiry
  • Order a cheque book to be collected from your branch
  • Order a statement to be collected from your branch
  • Visa electron services such as; card information and PIN change

ATM Locations

  1. Shmesani Branch
  2. Four Seasons Hotel Office, Fifth Circle
  3. Bayader Wadi Al Seer Branch, Al-Bayader Main Street
  4. Safeway Seventh Circle, Airport Street
  5. Al-Baraka Mall Office, Swefieh
  6. City Mall Office, City Mall
  7. Tla'a Al-Ali Branch, Al-Madena Al-Monawara Street
  8. Jabal Al-Hussein Branch, Khaled Bin Al Walid Street
  9. Al-Yasmeen Branch, Jabal Arafat Street
  10. Al-Madenah Branch, King Hessein Street
  11. Al-Wehdat Branch, Madaba Street
  12. Tabarbour Branch, Tariq Street
  13. Zarka Branch, King Hussein Street
  14. Alhuson Street Office, Irbid
  15. Aqaba Branch, AlKurneesh Street
  16. Tala Bay Resorts Office, Aqaba
    • Queen Alia International Airport Branch & Offices:
  1. Arrivals
  2. Departure
  3. Passports
  4. Transit
  5. Gates 
  6. Crew Center
  7. Flight Operations
  1. Marka Airport Office
  2. American School
  3. Taj Mall Office, Abdoun
  4. Jubeiha Branch, Manhal Traffic Light
  5. Al-Omari Exchange Office
  6. Makka Mall
  7. Zarqa Al Jadedah