Our People

Recognizing the fundamental role our people play in representing the Bank and achieving its goals, we have the propensity for finding and retaining extraordinary talented people and grant them the opportunity to develop rewarding careers with us. Our teams are the most valuable asset that brings together a rich variety of backgrounds and different educational qualifications and expertise.

In order to encourage openness and transparency with our employees, the Bank adopts the "open-door" policy which fosters an environment of collaboration, effective communication, high performance and mutual respect between upper management and employees. We believe that every single effort should be recognized and rewarded. Therefore, we have designed a number of incentive and award programs, in addition to other activities and events that enhance our employees' loyalty and provide friendly atmosphere where they can prosper and accomplish their career aspirations.

The talents, skills and capabilities of our employees are of great value and should be continuously nurtured. In view of that, we actively seek to build on these skills through continuous training and development. Our highly advanced training programs and workshops cover every part of the banking and investment industry, in addition to other related areas such as governing laws and customer care.