Cheque Deposit through ATMs Service

You can now deposit cheques around the clock with simple steps through selected AJIB ATMs. 

This service will save you both time and effort, it allows you to deposit cheques and clear them on the next business day, where the amount will be deposited to your main ATM card account, in addition to the below features:

  1. Depositing up to 40 cheques per transaction
  2. Cheque(s) can be deposited in the selected ATM Card account.
  3. You will receive a printed receipt with a photo-copy of the deposited cheque(s) to confirm the transaction
  4. AJIB and all local banks’ cheques are accepted

This service is available through the following AJIB ATMs:

  1. Main Branch/AJIB Tower ATM
  2. Al Dakhiliyeh Circle ATM
  3. Deir Ghbar ATM

To deposit cheque(s) through the ATM, follow the below steps:

  1. Insert your ATM card and enter your PIN number
  2. Press “Others” button in the two consecutive screens
  3. Press on the “Cheque Deposit” button
  4. Select the account where you wish to deposit the cheque(s) in.
  5. Insert the cheque(s) in the allocated area on the ATM
  6. The cheque(s) that are not inserted in the right direction will come out
  7. A screen with the total number of inserted cheque(s) will appear
  8. A screen with the inserted cheque(s) image will appear, press “Confirm” to approve the transaction
  9. Collect the receipt that will confirm the success of the transaction

Terms and Conditions of this service:

  • The Arab Jordan Investment Bank - AJIB offers the service of Depositing Cheques through the ATMs around the clock and throughout the week (24/7), enabling customers to deposit cheques without using the deposit envelope or waiting in line inside the branch. The ATM prints a receipt with all the details of the deposit process.
  • The amount of the cheque(s) will be posted by the Bank in the usual manner. The receipt received by the customer does not give them the right to withdraw cash against the deposited cheque(s) until the cheque(s) amount is collected. The Bank retains the right to post a reverse transaction, in addition to any expenses, interest, or commissions that may have been accrued in the event the cheque(s) is returned for any reason. The Bank also retains the right to authorize any other party to collect the cheque(s).
  • When the Bank receives the cheque(s), it holds no responsibility as far as the integrity, legality, or validity of the cheque(s), signature(s), or endorsement(s) on the deposited cheques are concerned. The depositor shall be responsible for any claim resulting from any fraud or alteration in the cheque(s) deposited or the endorsements on them.
  • The Bank is not responsible if there is a change, deletion, or alteration of the cheque(s) information. The copy of the cheque(s) saved at the ATM will be considered evidence against the customer.
  • The Bank will not be held responsible for any loss of cheque(s) deposited by the customer, or their loss in the mail unless the loss is the result of negligence or omission by the Bank. The Bank's dispatch of cheques by regular mail for collection in favor of the customer is considered acceptable.
  • The Bank shall not be held responsible for listing the customer's name on the Central Bank of Jordan’s list of delinquent payers, to whom cheques are returned for the lack of or insufficient funds; for technical reasons; or if the customer objects to honoring the cheque without blocking its amount, or for any other reason, in implementation of instructions related to the Returned Cheques Unit and/or any other lists required by instruction from the Central Bank and/or local laws.
  • The customer agrees to be informed of returned cheque(s) to his account in the same method he receives all his notices and correspondence from the Bank, or in any other manual or electronic method decided by the Bank to inform the customer, who is considered to have been informed immediately after the Bank issues the notification. The Bank shall not bear any damages as a result of the customer not receiving his mail or this correspondence.
  • The customer commits to referring to the Bank to receive cheques that have been returned without collection after the Bank agrees to return them. If the customer fails to refer to the Bank to receive returned cheques, the Bank will have the right to retain them without any responsibility on its behalf, and to withhold them from the customer after the legal retention period followed by the Bank has elapsed. The Bank will not be responsible for any aging of the cheque(s).  
  • The Bank will not be responsible to the customer for any failure in fulfilling commitments or the provision of any service related to the misuse of the ATM, damage to the card, computer or communications crashes, power failure, or any other technical failure, including system failure, or any other reason. The Bank will not be held responsible for any losses or damages resulting thereof.