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"Prestige Life"* is a financial planning program provided to you by Arab Jordan Investment Bank and in partnership with MetLife Insurance Company, that helps you invest your savings to secure a better tomorrow for you and your family.

Our program consists of 4 insurance plans tailored to your individual needs: "Prestige Retirement", "Prestige Investment", "Prestige Family" and "Prestige Children".

Here is an overview of the benefits provided by each of these programs:

  1. Prestige Family
    Life is full of surprises, unfortunately, not all of them are pleasant. Be ready for the unforeseen and join our "Prestige Family" plan to secure your family's well being in case of unexpected mortality. This program offers multiple solutions that can be tailored to your individual needs. Don't let the unexpected leave your family in financial turmoil, secure their future today.
  2. Prestige Retirement
    Secure a steady income by joining our "Prestige Retirement" plan and enjoy a retirement salary or a lump sum amount at the age that you determine. Choose the details of your program with what suits your needs and future expectations.
  3. Prestige Children
    Prepare for your children's future and secure their university education by joining our "Prestige Children" plan. Your children can benefit from predetermined payments to cover their higher education tuition once they reach the adult age of 18, or any age you choose.
  4. Prestige Investment
    Be a savvy investor and take advantage of our "Prestige Investment" plan to reap the benefits after a specific period of time. Determine the payments' value and cycle that suit you; monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually. You can also choose any of our investment strategies based on your risk appetite, we offer conservative, balanced or aggressive strategies to fulfill your needs.

Contact your Prestige Relationship Manager for more information about the diverse investment portfolios and the extra benefits. Or call our Prestige dedicated call center at 06 5003003.

*This program is valid for Prestige customers