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AJIB Bank issues wide choices of cards that are particularly designed to meet our clients' financial needs. Our cards range from the Visa® Electron to the most prestigious Visa® Infinite.

Enjoy the benefits of Visa® Electron card - also called Debit Card - where you can withdraw cash at any time and through an extended network of local and international ATM's. Free your mind, shop securely via any point of sale free of charge and without any guarantee requirements using the balance you have in your account.

Also called "Revolving Cards", this type of credit cards give the cardholder the ability to repay the value of transactions made on his/ her card in monthly payments at a certain monthly competitive interest rate, or repay the whole amount in one payment free of any monthly interest. AJIB's Gold and Classic Visa® credit cards come packaged with lots of benefits and privileges:

  • Competitive monthly interest rate of 1.5%
  • No annual fees (Free for Life)
  • Worldwide acceptance, where you can use the card to conduct purchase transactions via points-of-sale (POS) in Jordan and abroad, as well as cash withdrawal throughout (ATM's) in and outside Jordan
  • Grace period that reaches 48 days to repay the outstanding amount on the card account
  • Attractive card limit
  • Easy and flexible repayment method that suits your financial needs and preferences

AJIB is the first bank in Jordan to offer the choice between all types of Visa® International Cards: Infinite, Platinum, Gold, Silver and Local; the thing that certainly grants users a wide range of options to choose from.

Are you spending your honeymoon in the Caribbean and need extra cash? Are you planning for a fancy dinner at a legendary restaurant and don’t want to book months in advance? Do you enjoy shopping from the world's best brands? Come to a world of privileges and possibilities that make your most daring dreams come true.

Enjoy the 24-hour concierge service which guarantees that you will have whatever you want, wherever you are and at any time you find convenient. Just give us a call and your personal assistant will make your business or leisure trip the most comfortable, safe and rewarding one.

Enjoy the wide selection of distinctive travel, dinning, shopping and lifestyle rewards and complimentary services:

  • Travel. Get the advice and help you need in reservations, hotels, chauffeur, health issues, currency advice and the list goes on.
  • Dinning. Dine in a classy manner without any unpleasant surprises. Have a loom at our suggestions and recommendations, and let us make the booking for you.
  • Shopping. Even if outside working hours, the doors of any high brand shop will be graciously opened for a Visa® Infinite card holder; in addition to gift and flower delivery service, personal shopper service and many more.
  • Lifestyle. Enjoy sophisticated services that will make your life fancier. Get helpful suggestions for sporting, musical or social events in addition to wedding planning, property management, live new experiences and have it all done for you in a safe, easy and flexible manner.

With Visa® Infinite, sky is the limit.

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Visa® Platinum is your best companion wherever you go. With its wide local and universal acceptance, this card offers its holder security, comfort and a variety of privileges and favorable possibilities. The platinum protection program guarantees that you have access to the medical and legal referral service, in addition to the extended warranty and purchase protection scheme.

  • Broad selection of discounts and hot deals at luxurious hotels and restaurants from all over the world.
  • Airlines and tour operators' privileges and offers.
  • Special offers on various leisure activities.
  • Exclusive car rental discounts.
  • Discounts on the world's best brands and products.

For more information on Visa® Platinum card, please visit .

To make your life even easier, AJIB issues the Gold, Silver and Local charge cards which are loaded with benefits and privileges. More financial flexibility and better purchasing power are what you should expect from these cards. Even if you don’t have credit balance in your account at AJIB, you can use these cards up to a certain card limit amount.

You can use your card on point-of-sale machines at commercial stores, in addition to ATMs for cash withdrawal in Jordan and abroad; except for the local card which can be used inside Jordan only. Gold, Silver and Local cardholders are granted up to a 41-day grace period to repay the withdrawals made on their cards without any interest, provided that the whole withdrawals should be settled in one payment before the end of the month.

  • Keep the card in a secure place
  • Do not keep the card and the PIN number in the same place
  • When using your card for purchase transactions, keep the purchase receipt to match it with your  monthly statement
  • Change your password on a periodic basis
  • Do not save your password on your mobile phone, or give your password to anyone
  • Check your account balance regularly to make sure that you are not exceeding your card limit
  • If you lose your card, contact the Bank immediately to take the necessary measures at 560 7126 or call our 24/7 EMP number at 560 6829 
  • Must be at least 21 years of age
  • Customer should be employed at a Bank approved company
  • Customer should have a verified and clear source of income
  • Security (if required) must be approved by the Bank
  • Must have a minimum of 2 years experience at last job

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