Visa payWave

Visa payWave is a new contactless payment method through Visa Credit and Debit cards that doesn’t require to physically swipe or insert a card into the point of sale - paying machines. It can be used to pay for low value purchases*. Simply wave the Visa payWave card within 4 centimeters of the machine to complete your payment.

Look for this symbol  to identify the cards and point of sale machines that support this new technology.

Benefits of Visa payWave:

  1. Convenience: no need for PIN authorization for low value purchases
  2. Speed: faster sales transactions at the merchant’s cash area
  3. Security: card remains in cardholder’s during the purchase transactions which keeps the credit card number secured.

*No PIN entry is required for low value purchases.

Terms & Conditions Apply.


Visa payWave – Frequently Asked Questions